Simply Fruity Martini

  1. Simply Fruity Martini

Guess who’s got the PERFECT Summer drink for you? Yup, us here at Picasso Spirits teamed up with Belize Institute of Mixology to bring you our newest featured drink recipe: The Simply Fruity Martini. Yeah yeah, you’ve tried all different types of martinis before, but we can almost guarantee you’ve never tried one like this! Featuring our “Grand Limon: Simply Citrus“, this cocktail is perfect for showing off your mixology skills to your friends at all your Summer parties.

  • Simply Fruity Martini Ingredients

    • 1 oz Picasso Spirits Grand Limon
    • 1 oz Vodka
    • 1.5 oz Cantaloupe Juice
    • 1/2 Lime, freshly squeeze
    • 0.5oz Strawberry Juice
  • Preparation of the Simply Fruity Martini

    Fill a martini glass with ice cubes. While the martini glass is chilling, fill a shaker with ice and add all ingredients except for the strawberry juice. Shake, shake, shake! Dump the ice from the martini glass and strain the mixture into it. Take a spoon, and holding it with the rounded side facing up, push the spoons against the inside of the martini glass above your mixture, and slowly pour the strawberry juice on the spoon. Note: The more slowly you pour, the better the layer!

    Garnish your cocktail with a cherry and/or a slice of lime. Enjoy!

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