Meet the Owners

 Hi. We’re Dub & Gigi. We are Picasso Spirits

  • The previous owners, Peter and Carla Seely  first visited Belize in 2003 and after visiting for 10 years, they bought a sole proprietorship and incorporated it to become the brand you now know as Picasso Spirits.

    Gigi and I have just acquired the company from Peter and Carla. As I write this in early August 2015, we have now owned the company, officially, for less than one month!

  • We both left our busy careers in other industries, me from the United States, after forty years in the food and restaurant business, and Gigi as an international flight attendant, originally from Malaysia.

  • Winston “Dub” Riley

    Managing Partner

    Dub eating

    • Favorite Picasso Spirits Products: Moka, Spark, & Grand L’Orange
    • Favorite Drink: An “Armando” named after a bartender in San Pedro (using Picasso Spirits products, of course!)
    • Favorite Band: Beatles
    • Educational Background: Restaurant Management, UNLV. Honors Graduate, Culinary Institute of America
    • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

    Nothing to Excess, Not Even Moderation

  • Gigi Riley

    Managing Partner

    Gigi for Website

    • Favorite Picasso Spirits Products: Moka, Grand Limon, & Grand L’Orange
    • Favorite Drink: Grand L’Orange Margarita
    • Favorite Singer: Avril Lavine
    • Business Background: Certified Mortgage Broker, Hong Leong Insurance Qualified, International Flight Attendant, First Class Qualified
    • Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

    Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

Our vision is to take Picasso Spirits to the next level and become the liqueur of choice throughout Belize.

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Get to Know Us A Little Bit Better

  • How did we end up in Belize?

    I’ve been looking for a food manufacturing company to buy for over ten years. We were about to move to Malaysia and I was doing research about food companies for sale there. Oddly enough, an advertisement for Picasso Spirits popped up and I started to read about it.

    “Belize?” I wondered. “Hmmmm, sounds interesting.”

    And the rest is history!

    Why did we choose to acquire Picasso Spirits?

    I called Peter, the previous owner to find out why he was selling the company. I visited soon after, within a month of our first conversation. After two other trips to the Island of Ambergris Caye, and sampling the products and meeting the bartenders who use our liquers, I decided to call my fiance (now my wife) and ask her what she thought about moving to Belize instead of back to her homeland in Malaysia.

    We were both intrigued enough and both have such a strong sense of adventure, that we decided to throw caution to the wind and move to the Carribean!

    When did we acquire Picasso Spirits?

    Picasso Spirits began supplying Ambergris Caye with liqueurs and spirits in 2008.

    We purchased Picasso Spirits in July 2015.

    What are our goals for Picasso Spirits?

    1. First we want to follow in the foot steps of the previous owners, Peter and Carla who have done such a great job to refine the product formulations, and build a professionally managed brand.
    2. We wish to increase sales, first here on the Island, in the resorts and bars.
    3. Introduce the brand to retailers, starting here on the island in grocery and liquor stores.
    4. Move our brand, Picasso Spirits out through the country of Belize by partnering with distributors.
    5. Become a household name throughout Belize.
    6. Growing from a small “mom and pop”company to a Belizean national company, offering jobs and opportunities to local residents.
    7. Partner with a charitable organization to benefit disabled children.
    8. Exporting Picasso Spirits Products.

    What is the most exciting thing that has happened to us as a couple?

    We are expecting a little boy to be born in less than three weeks. Our first employee!

  • What's the longest we've gone without eating rice?

    Gigi: 4 very long days.

    What is the one food we could not live without?

    Gigi: Porridge
    Dub:  While in Belize, I need to have a local burrito, at least once a week.

    If I was born as something else, what would it be for Gigi to love me more?

    Dub:  Food. She loves food more than me. Sadly

    What will the next business we run be?

    We really can’t expect to do too many other things right now as our work is cut out for us with Picasso Spirits. But we both think we want to travel around the world and we imagine building an international food company based in China. We expect to travel to China late next year.

    What is our favorite place in the world?

    Hawaii. Dub used to live there and we had a romantic holiday together there late last year.