• In Business 8 Years and Counting…

    Picasso Spirits was created in 2008, supplying local bars, restaurants, and retail stores within Ambergris Caye with freshly-made liqueurs and spirits.
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  • 2008

    • Picasso Spirits was Founded in Ambergris Caye
    • The Green Fairy (Absinthe Verde) was the first product offered by Picasso Spirits

    Founded in 2008, Picasso Spirits launched with the creation of The Green Fairy, an Absinthe made with local ingredients.

  • 2009

    • The Red Devil (Absinthe Rojo) was introduced to the product lineup
    • Hot Damn (Spark) was added to the product lineup

    As an alternative to The Green Fairy, The Red Devil was the even more evil counterpart. With just a bit more bite in flavor, The Red Devil became an instant hit.

    Hot Damn was introduced to the Picasso Spirits lineup

  • 2011

    • Moka was introduced to the product lineup

    KAHLÚA fans rejoice! Moka was created and first offered in 2011. The product takes off, earning its spot in the Picasso Spirits lineup!


In 2012, Picasso Spirits added Grand Limon and Grand L’Orange to its lineup.

Grand Limon is an elegant lemon liqueur that uses local Belizean lemons, sweetened with Belize can sugar, and aged.

Grand L’Orange blends local Belizean oranges, spices and oak to develop the rich warm premium aged orange liqueur.


In 2013, a rebranding campaign commenced, and Picasso Spirits initiated a huge brand facelift. From new logos to new brand names, this marketing campaign delivered a promise to guide Picasso Spirits into a leading company. The campaign included:

  • Redesigned Logo for Picasso Spirits
  • Redesigned Brand Identities for each of the six products
  • New Bottle Design
  • New Label Design for 1000ml and 375ml bottles
  • New Website Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Promotional and Marketing Collaterals (Letterheads, Posters, etc.)

In 2015, the Riley’s bought the company and Picasso Spirits  is set to move into the future. There will be new products, new distributors and new markets. New partners are in the works and the company should double it’s size by the end of 2016

  • Introduction of Orange Moka, November 2015
  • New Product Development underway for a new category of the line
  • New Label Designs underway for the 1000ml Green Fairy
  • New Distributors on-board including triple our coverage for the mainland Belize


Picasso Spirits’ direction includes worldwide reach in order to appease the taste buds of international spirits and liqueur drinkers. The main priority of Picasso Spirits is to uphold the quality of each liqueur and spirit produced, and to add product lines to not only meet demands of its’ customers, but to create a demand for high-quality products at a competitive price.

Our Mission

Picasso Spirits will provide unique, high-quality liqueurs for residents and visitors of Belize while supporting the country and the people within. Our liqueurs and spirits are produced using fresh organic Belize ingredients and will shape Picasso Spirits into becoming a household name for locals and visitors of Belize.

Dub and Gigi RileyOwners
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Our Market Share is Constantly Growing!

  • Picasso Spirits continues to add Venues and Distributors throughout the country of Belize on a regular basis.

    To view a full list of distributors to purchase Picasso Spirits products, click here. Or to view a directory of venues to enjoy cocktails using Picasso Spirits, click here.

  • 92  Establishments

  • 4 Distributors